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Strength & Conditioning


This program focuses on being able to build your Strength while Conditioning your whole body primarily promoting Stamina, Power, Speed, Agility, Stability and much more covering all other physical fitness Strength and Conditioning aspects through functional movements that not only compliment your Martial Arts Combative Sports or Self-defense training, but also any other physical sport or general day to day fitness. Be prepared to shed that additional weight and sculpt up your body.

The workouts are repeated and measurable so you can easily track your Strength and Conditioning's present level and level of progress. Each workout will be able to be varied during routines, allowing to each individual's capacity.  Work as slow and low intensity or as fast and high intensity as you need to progress at your own pace, obviously with just a little nudge from your coach to keep you challenged and motivated.

Functional movement is the ability to move load efficiently with midline and useful strength, enhancing body awareness & fitness through the use of natural day to day body movements.

If your goal is to achieve an optimum physical fitness, then building all the fundamental foundations to your physical fitness aspects must be considered.

Strength and Conditioning improve; Stamina, Strength, Explosive Power, Posture, and Speed and more.

The benefits include muscular and tendon strength and stability, postural structure integrity and physical endurance.


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